Two Simple Actions to Begin your Path to Sexual Wellness

Two Simple Actions to Begin your Path to Sexual Wellness

Wait...what is sexual wellness? The World Health Organization defines sexual health as a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity. So what does this mean to you?  

Short and sweet, Sexual wellness is a state of body and mind that enables you to savor and explore sex on your own terms and time. It envelops things from your feelings about sex and body image to feeling safe, secure and — perhaps most importantly — as pleasurable as possible. Maintaining sexual wellness is important for both physical and emotional reasons. A few benefits may include lower blood pressure, better immune system, improved self-esteem, decreased depression and anxiety and increased libido! Now who doesn’t want all that?? 

Where to begin? Okay, let’s talk. How often do you take time for yourself? Not talking coffee breaks or Netflix nights. We are talking about self-pleasure. Solo play isn’t just an enjoyable way to spend some down time, it is also really good for both you and your partner. Let’s be yourself sexual pleasure releases a ton of feel-good hormones, but it also can help release stress and anxiety. When you experiment on your own it helps you learn about your sexual preferences/desires and what brings you the most pleasure. “Relay this insight to your partner and you’re destined for better partnered sex, including orgasms, which promote bonding,” says Megan Flening, PhD, a psychologist and sex therapist. Don't be is no longer taboo to talk about these things.  So, make it a normal conversation between you and your partner. Now, begin your journey to better sexual wellness and go buy that new sex toy in the name of self-care — you deserve it!!

We’ve all heard Communication is key, right? Well, it can’t be more true in all aspects of your life. Speaking here with your sexual wellness, communication starts outside of the bedroom. Remember, all your actions come together to either positively or negatively affect how your relationship works. Be affectionate, flirty. Start your day with a little tease, all in good fun. Start sexting during office hours, if you both consent to that, to start the anticipation and blood flow. Foreplay comes in many forms. Explore your thoughts with your partner. All this leads to the bedroom. If you are happier outside those walls, you will be more satisfied behind closed doors.  


Keep these actions in mind.  Sexual Wellness encompasses so much more but this is a fun start on your journey.  


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