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Dragon Snatch Stroker

Dragon Snatch Stroker

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Are you ready to be ravaged by fire-breathing dragons? This scaly, red dragon stroker has nubbed teeth and a dragon mouth that is ready to take in your hard rod! Inside the stroker are rows of textured ribs, grooves and nubs to drive you crazy as you dip yourself inside and enjoy pumping into the tight hole. Control the pressure and suction by using the silicone plug at the base of the case. Keep it in and each pump will add a little pressure and suction for a tighter squeeze! Remove the plug to release it. The case is open ended once the plug is removed so that you can easily rinse and let the water run through it. For an even more thorough clean up process, remove the stroker sleeve and wash it separately before letting it air dry. Place the cap on top once the sleeve is reinserted to keep it free of dust and debris. Use only with water-based lubricants. Enjoy indulging in your kinky fantasies of sci-fi or horror as you give into your dark desires!

You'd heard of the Fire Caves before. The legends were told to you when you were young. They both frightened and excited you to know that somewhere, far away and hidden, there may still be dragons. Obsessed with finding them you became an expert at treasure hunting. After all, what dragon doesn't hoard treasure? This time, you found something different. A promising adventure that takes you into the caves of Kazarath. With nothing more than a light to guide you in the dark, you venture into the caves depths. After an hour of carefully finding your way through the caves, leaving tied ropes and markers behind you to find your way out, something catches in the light! A shimmering coin of gold! You know you must be close and so you follow it. What you find is the largest mountain of gold and jewels you've ever seen! You climb on top of the mountain, throwing it in the air and laughing! But this was a mistake. You know you've made a fatal error once you hear the low growl of a creature in the dark. The creature's eyes open, two golden yellow orbs that catch the light, then its wings stretch and lift as it comes towards you. All your sense of excitement vanishes and turns into fear. You try to scramble away but it blows a small plume of fire, keeping you in place. You smell the scent of burning hair and know it must have singed you. It pounces on you, pinning you down. With one claw it draws a line across your chest and you feel the cut on your skin. Then it pulls at your clothes and they rip away from you with a painful tear. It opens its mouth to bite you but then it stops and looks down, sniffing curiously. You look down and to your horror you see your manhood is erect and hard! The dragon sniffs some more, then licks it. The rod twitches in response. The adrenaline pumping through your veins has given you a stiff one. To your shock, and pleasure, it starts to lick and suck, its dragon mouth swallowing your rod! It must like the taste! To your surprise, you are enjoying the feeling of its teeth against your skin and its tongue on your shaft. You let yourself enjoy it and hope that it rather lick instead of bite!

  • Case: 8.7 inches Length x 3.5 inches Width.
  • Insertion depth: 7.25 inches.

    Materials: Masturbator: TPE. Case: ABS plastic, silicone

    Color: Red

    Note: Use only with water-based lubricants for best results.

    Key Features:

  • Fantasy Stroker: Let this red, scaly dragon wrap its toothy mouth around your shaft!
  • Soft and Stretchy: This soft, plush and stretchy TPE stroker is the perfect addition to upgrade your solo sessions!
  • Open Ended: Clean up is easy with this open-ended design! You can also remove the sleeve to thoroughly wash and dry it between uses.
  • Texture and Pressure: The inside is textured with nubs and grooves to drive you wild! Add suction and pressure by keeping the silicone plug inside the base, or remove it for less pressure.
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