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Velcro Leather Cock Ring

Velcro Leather Cock Ring

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Strict Leather

Simple is sometimes better, especially for those that don't have time to adjust before sex. That's why we love our latest design of our velcro cock ring. You can secure it on in the dark and still get a tight, perfect fit. Helps provide longer, stronger erections! Plus, for those worried about taking it off, a quick tug at the velcro and you're free again! Made of real leather, it's perfectly form-fitting and soft against your shaft. Guaranteed not to pinch. Easy to use and adjust so it's perfect for beginners. Spot clean as needed. Spray with a mixture of alcohol and water or use a toy cleaner and a soft cloth to clean it.

Stroke yourself until you get nice and hard, then wrap the strap around your shaft or at the base around the shaft and under the balls. The strap helps restrict blood flow so that you can remain harder for longer! Simply press the velcro together firmly to close or tug at it to open the strap and release yourself from the constriction ring.

Measurements: Overall length: 8 inches, Strap width: 0.6 inches, Inner diameter adjusts approx. from 1.5 inches to 2.25 inches

Materials: Leather, Velcro

Color: Red, Black

Key Features:

  • Simple Design: A strap of leather held together with a strip of velcro; made simple and easy use by anyone!
  • Real Leather: Enjoy the soft yet strong leather against your shaft.
  • Velcro Closure: Quick, easy and pinch-free; this velcro closure is for easy-on and easy-off use!
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