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Moby Huge 2 Foot Tall Super Dildo -

Moby Huge 2 Foot Tall Super Dildo -

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Master Cock

This epic rod stands out in any crowd! Standing at 2 feet tall and weighing 26 lbs, it is a giant amongst dildos! The dense rubber dong stands up firm and proud to stand out. With realistic details that are crafted for your visual, and perhaps even physical, pleasure you can't go wrong with a dong this spectacular! Made out of firm yet flexible PVC, it's best if only used with silicone or water-based lubricants. Keep away from oil based lubricants and wash with warm water and mild soap after each use. Bend your knees when lifting or carrying.

Some people take it to the gym and do strongman competitions with it. Some people use it as a coat rack. Some strap it to a tiny car and ride it around, head pointed forward like a battering ram. Others see how long they can hold it while throwing darts and eating hot peppers, then make it more difficult by adding lube. It can be brought to trade shows, added to an adult store, or even become part of your home decor! For some brave individuals, it becomes an extreme way to stretch your hole. With so many options, what will you do?

  • Overall length: 24 inches.
  • Insertable length: 21 inches.
  • Widest insertable diameter: 6.3 inches.

    Weight: 26 lbs

    Materials: PVC

    Color: Black

    Key Features:

  • Giant Dildo: This 2 feet tall and 23.5 lb dildo is giant and will become a conversation piece when brought into any store, party. tradeshow or house!
  • Realistic: Crafted with realistic details from head to balls.
  • Firm Shaft: Made out of firm yet flexible PVC plastic.
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